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Request for Quotation Guidelines
We would be glad to provide our best offer for your casting needs in a swift manner. Therefore please make sure to include the following information in your Request for Quotation:
1. Casting Material Specification (Standard / Alloy / Grade)
2.   2-D Drawing with tolerances / 3-D Model of the casting or final part
    Our Engineering center is operating in Solid Edge environment and is capable of handling files in the following formats:
.DXF   .IGS, .IGES (2-D or 3-D)        
.DWG   .PRT (Unigraphics)   .PRT (Pro/E)   .PDF

Please send us a 2-D drawing with tolerances (this can be either an electronic file or a hard copy). A 3-D model is helpful and complements the 2-D drawing.

E-mail: Please ZIP electronic files and limit the size of the file to 10Mb

FTP: Please provide address, password, directory, filename

3.   Estimated weight of the casting. Please indicate which material your estimation is based on, i.e. Titanium, Steel, Aluminium, etc.
4.   Required Quantities
5.   Non-Destructive Testing requirements
Please, direct your requests to our email:
Our post address:   AeroTitanium AS
Post Box 17,
1112 Oslo

Our new phone/fax number is +47 22 74 17 74.


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Phone/fax: +47 22 74 17 74